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How to Choose Rug Construction

How to Choose Rug Construction There are a great rug construction methods out there — so many that people are often surprised by how many options are available to them. Rug making is an art form though, truly, and from handcrafting methods to machine manufacturing and hybrids of them both, each method produces masterful work. Sometimes the differences between methods is negligible; other times, it's as clear as night and day. But it's always beautiful.

Following are the more common methods used today.

Braided Rugs

With the unique texture and design of their construction, braided rugs bear an almost mosaic effect that's either alive with contrasting and complimentary colors or cast in the subtlety of a single shade. Either way, these rugs are all rich in character and style and can add sophistication or spunk to your home decor.

Flat Weave Rugs

Expertly crafted and loom woven, flat weave rugs boast a very thin pile without the knots and thick weaves of most other rugs. This grants them with a unique texture, added durability, and even a versatility that thicker rugs cannot offer. Many people even opt to use flat weaves as drapery instead of flooring.

Hand-Braided Rugs

Like our Braided Rugs, these pieces feature a delightfully textured braid construction. The only difference is that the braids are done by hand, resulting in a variance in the weave that contributes its own natural charm.

Hand-Crafted Rugs

True to the centuries old tradition of rug crafting, hand-crafted rugs are made without the aid of machinery or unnecessary additions like glue and instead created by skilled artisans who are well-experienced in the art of rug making. Because of the wide definition of handmade rugs, there's little to say about their style; however, their quality often speaks for itself.

Hand-Guided Rugs

Fusing the accuracy and efficiency of machine crafting with the attention to detail and hand- crafted personality of manual construction, hand-guided rugs come in a variety of colors, materials and styles with one thing in common: excellent craftsmanship.

Hand-Hooked Rugs

Thick and soft and beautifully designed, hand-hooked rugs are made of a rug hooking process that involves pulling loops of yarn through a stiffly woven base. What results is an often intricate display of design and color with a delightful plush texture.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are usually of exceptionally high quality and durability, owing to their meticulous craftsmanship. Each knot of every weave is carefully placed and tied with artisan precision, eliminating the need for stiff adhesives and other poor shortcuts, and leaving you with a lovely rug for your home or office.

Hand-Loomed Rugs

Meticulously woven on manual looms, hand-loomed rugs have a somewhat casual appeal with versatility and variety aplenty. Like other handcrafted rugs, they carry all the charm and care of an artisan's work with none of the construction concessions that tend to exist in machine-made rugs.

Hand-Spun Rugs

These rugs are notable not for their gorgeous design but for the hand-spun yarns from which they're made. Because of the fine variations of natural fibers and human craftsmanship, each piece is unique in color and texture and exceptional in style.

Hand-Tied Rugs

Quite like hand-knotted pieces, hand-tied rugs are knotted by hand, often with a fun shag style to them which works remarkably well with the natural variance of hand construction to produce the kind of unique and boldly beautiful rugs that truly make an impact on any room.

Hand-Tufted Rugs

Tufted rugs aren't knotted like some of their counterparts; rather, they're punched into a stiff base with a special tufting gun, glued into place, and given a canvas backing. Though these rugs do tend to be less durable than knotted ones, the efficiency of their construction often lowers their price, making them an affordable handmade alternative to more expensive rugs.

Hand-Twisted Rugs

Made of finely hand-twisted yarn, these rugs boast an artful beauty and each piece find the uniqueness, and flair of individual craftsmanship intermingling with rich designs, creative styling, and the kind of subtle sophistication that'll be sure to enrich your room.

Hand-Woven Rugs

Crafted by the hands of expert rug makers, hand-woven rugs are wonderful works of art in their own right. Not only are they made with durability in mind and constructed without machine aid, but they come in an array of styles from simple standard rugs to ones that are almost bursting with lively designs.

Loomed Rugs

Machine loomed instead of hand loomed, these visually warm and somewhat laidback rugs boast both a more uniform design and consistent construction with less variance than you'd find in a handcrafted rug. With equal quality and beauty, the choice between a hand-loomed and a loomed rug can be little more than a matter of preference.

Machine-Made Rugs

Available in an exceptional variety of cuts, colors, materials, and styles, machine-made rugs are far and beyond the most popular rugs on the market today, owing to their efficient manufacturing and almost flawless appearance. As an added bonus, some of these rugs sell for refreshingly affordable prices, especially when compared to handmade alternatives.

Power-Loomed Rugs

Consider these similar to loomed runs only with a higher level of mass production. Generally speaking they come in a slightly wider variety are and are often sold for less money because of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their production.

Printed Rugs

Excellent for bringing flavorful style to a room, printed rugs feature designs that are designed — not woven — which gives them greater uniformity, intricacy, and creativity. There are few style limits to the printed rug and many gorgeous pieces available.

Wilton-Woven Rugs

Sturdy and strong, Wilton-woven rugs have held a popular place in the market for centuries now and show no sign of fading anytime soon. These rugs are woven with continuous threads and backing yarn for excellent stability, have no delamination, and can be woven to a variety of effects. As they're also machine crafted, they do come at more affordable pricing than handmade rugs.

Woven Shag Rugs

Fun, funky, and oh so flavorful, woven shag rugs bring life and character to whichever room they're accenting. Available in both hand-woven and machine-woven varieties, each rug features a pile so deep that gives it the slightly chaotic shaggy aesthetic that's been resurging in popularity these past few years.  *Note - Shag Area Rugs are also available in other constructions.

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