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How to Choose a Rug Material

How to Care for rugsOne of the first things you should consider when purchasing an area rug or a runner rug is what it's made of. Modern rugs are come in such a wide variety of natural and synthetic fibers and materials that it's wise to invest a little time in familiarizing yourself with your options, weighing the benefits and detriments of each one, and determining which product will suit the needs of your home as well as it suits your style.

To help you along in the area rug purchasing process, here's a list of the kinds of rugs that we offer here:

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo is a natural, wood-like material from the Far East, where it's been utilized as a common home flooring option for centuries. Today, bamboo rugs have become increasingly popular for the warm aesthetic and modern flair that they so naturally infuse into any room, often regardless of existing decor. Featuring a smooth texture and a woody grain, bamboo rugs have an organic air about them that will bring a refreshing sense of contemporary sophistication to your home.

The main drawback of bamboo area rugs is the relative limitedness of available colors and styles. If you're finding yourself fond of the neutrally natural look to these pieces however, then know that bamboo does make an excellent flooring option for its affordability, easy maintainability, and resilient nature. Consider this material if you're looking to live a little on the rugged side and/or wish to add a classically natural look to your home that can take a little abuse.

Boucle Rugs

Boucle rugs can be made from a few different natural fibers and fiber blends, though jute and sisal are the most common today. These rugs boast a traditional, artful weave design that often adopts a thick and loopy style that comes to life through multifaceted textures and an almost deceptively dynamic appearance that will look lovely either as the centerpiece of your decor or a simpler accent.

Available in a growing variety of styles, boucle rugs can appeal to many tastes while their durability is high enough that you can place them virtually anywhere in your home. Jute rugs can be slightly susceptible to stains, but sisal ones have natural flame resistance, sound absorption, and static prevention. Though these rugs aren't the softest you'll find, they still have a nice, comfortable feel that's all their own.

Cotton Rugs

Naturally strong and durable, cotton rugs have the additional benefit of feeling pleasant beneath your feet and being accommodating of your own personal style. These rugs are available in many forms — including the popular area rugs and runner rugs — and you should be able to find one in the color, pattern, and/or weave that you want, with all the flourishes you desire. With their casual appeal, they're also perfect for creating a warm, lived in feel anywhere you're looking to add color and character to a room.

Cotton rugs can either be made with 100% cotton or a cotton-wool blend. Well-crafted and often delightfully styled, they're a cost-effective alternative to wool, though you should keep in mind that cotton is slightly less durable and might not be the best choice for high-traffic areas.

Grass Rugs

These rugs are typically woven from natural grass materials, among which mountain grass, river grass, and seagrass are the most common. Depending on the type of grass used, they can have a nice, smooth texture and an earthy, grassy scent that will fade with time. An excellent example of the beauty of natural materials and the benefits of quality fibers, they also come in a good variety of weave styles and textures that are further enhanced by the natural color and variance of grass.

Simply natural and warmly decorative, grass rugs are constructed from abundant and sustainable grasses, making them as environmentally friendly as they are versatile and visually stunning. With the added benefit of durability and easy maintenance, they tend to stand as long-lasting and lovely additions to home decor.

Natural Fiber Rugs

This is a broad category, covering grass rugs, boucle rugs, and other similar pieces that have a less fabric-like look and feel. Natural fiber rugs are known for their strong and organic visual appeal and the effortless way that they unite warm tones with rich textures for a relaxed, rustic aesthetic that brings a little natural harmony to a room. With their traditional weave patterns and elegant neutrality, these gorgeous accent pieces can suit many styles.

Both area rugs and runner rugs are made of fibers chosen for their sustainability in nature and durability in your home. Stain resistance, maintainability, and overall resilience will vary between fibers, but overall you can expect a natural fiber rug to be a long-lasting investment that will contribute to the beauty of your home for years to come.

Nylon Rugs

Nylon is a versatile synthetic material, and nylon area rugs and runner rugs come in such an eclectic variety that most nylon rug collections shine as a veritable celebration of color, creativity, and individuality. Highly durable, easy to clean, and resilient to most of what you and yours throw their way, nylon pieces will make beautiful accents to even the most well-traveled areas of your home.

Because it is synthetic, nylon does tend to be more stain-resistant than natural cotton, silk, and wool rugs. It's also less susceptible to sunlight, so go ahead and give your rug a sunny spotlight without worrying about it fading. On the downside, nylon pieces do show their quality somewhat, which means they'll never look quite as nice as natural rugs do.

Silk Rugs

There are few materials as luxurious, lavish, and lovely as silk, and silk rugs are no exception to this. With a soft feel and a light-catching shine, these rugs make beautiful additions to the homes they grace and are very capable of standing out as the highlight of your decor. From simply sensible to intriguingly intricate, silk pieces all have their own smooth statements to make.

With great quality comes great responsibility however, and silk rugs do require the utmost of care. They're best placed somewhere with low traffic and must be professionally cleaned. Treat them well though, and they'll treat you to a gorgeous home.

Synthetic Rugs

A relatively inexpensive option and an alternative to wool and cotton pieces, synthetic rugs come in an exceptional variety of lengths, textures, colors, patterns, and styles, making them universally popular. These rugs are often enhanced to hold dye better, dry quicker and stain less, and some are very easy to clean. Whether you're looking for a long, multi-tonal shag area rugs, some simple uniform runner rugs at an affordable price, or anything in between, you'll likely find a synthetic piece that can add a lot of authenticity to your home's style.

Viscose Rugs

Ideal for people who are looking for a rug that carries the sleek shine of silk but can't justify the price of an authentic piece, viscose rugs are an affordable alternative to natural silk and silk-wool blend carpets. Viscose is a synthetic material made of wood pulp, granting it a high density and soft feel. When used to its best potential, it also catches the light quite nicely for a visual silk effect to match the tactile one.

While some pieces are 100% viscose, most are actually blended with wool and/or cotton for extra durability and texture. As such, when choosing one, you'll want to try to have a good grasp on cotton and wool rugs as well.

Wool Rugs

At the height of carpet popularity is the wool rug. Soft and thick, wool has a natural resistance to fire and stains, attracts and builds warmth for a little extra luxurious comfort, and even has hypoallergenic properties. Wool rugs come in a vibrant array of colors and designs, and are available in so many different sizes, textures, and blends that there might very well be a perfect wool rug out there for everyone.

Owing to the compact and dirt-resistant nature of their fibers, wool rugs can be easy to maintain. Their strong dye absorption ensures that there's little to no color bleeding, and the natural strength of their fibers makes them an excellent choice for even your most well-traveled rooms.

There you have them; some of the more common rug materials, what they are, and how they'll suit your needs. Take your time, consider them individually, then peruse our selection of area rugs and runner rugs. Hopefully you'll find that one piece that you're confident you'll be able to live on and love for years.

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