Rug Origin
How to Choose Rug Origin

How to Choose Rug Origin

It's a big world out there, and the larger our international marketplace becomes, the more beautiful rugs we'll have available to us. While some countries are more present than others — India and China are holding strong at the top — others are just breaking into the industry, offering their own take on both traditional and modern rug designs.

But what do they offer and what are some of the styles you can expect from some of the more active nations? Let's look into them.

Made in Argentina Rugs

Argentina isn't the first country that most people would associate with rug making; nor can our selection of Argentinean rugs be considered traditional. These pieces are handcrafted of real leather and styled so that they resemble animal hides, and though they are somewhat unorthodox, they are intriguingly attractive nevertheless.

Made in Belgium Rugs

Visually stunning and creatively designed, Belgian rugs embrace both traditional aesthetics and contemporary appeal, sometimes separately, sometimes together, always to the heights of modern style and with the richness of European flair.

Made in Bulgaria Rugs

Featuring both Persian and geometric styles cast in lovely earthy tones, our selection of Bulgarian rugs is a gorgeous sampling of the beauty of Bulgarian rug artistry. Each rug is machine made of heat set polypropylene for a delightfully uniform look and soft quality.

Made in China Rugs

Few countries have as rich of a history in textiles and rug making as China does. Today, its masterful artisans produce some of the most lovely and clever rugs on the market in an exceptional variety of styles, materials, and construction methods. Also included in this category are rugs designed in another country and manufactured in China.

Made in Egypt Rugs

Still somewhat more rare than their counterparts, Egyptian rugs are no less gorgeous — in fact, in many cases their traditional sensibilities and Persian style eclipses other rugs in craftsmanship and beauty. These rugs are often handmade using centuries old techniques, but there are, of course, some exceptions to that and each rug will vary.

Made in Greece Rugs

Our selection of Greek rugs might forgo tradition in favor of modern style, but it's certainly not laking in color or character. Combining centuries old construction methods with fun shades and shag style, these rugs will doubtlessly present you with versatility and endless decorating options.

Made in India Rugs

One of the most prolific producers of beautiful handmade and machine made rugs, India is well-regarded for its masterful use of natural materials and age-old techniques, its clever use of Persian style, and its creativity and continued innovation as it embraces the international marketplace.

Made in Israel Rugs

Owing to strong European and Asian design influences, our collection of Israeli rugs is an eclectic set. It often features rich earthy tones and intricate designs but also favors subtlety and simplicity at times for a variety that should please most tastes.

Made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rugs

Though sparser than some of our other collections, our Saudi Arabian rugs make up for that by featuring a versatile range of solid colored rugs and a few unique pieces that boast nature-based themes and rich tribal-style patterns that are sure to stand out.

Made in Nepal Rugs

We don't see many Nepalese rugs either, unfortunately, but the ones that we do come across masterfully play at tradition while presenting something beautifully unique. As far as craftsmanship goes, these rugs are largely handmade from natural fabrics or blends, giving them an organic quality.

Made in New Zealand Rugs

Putting a twist on the classic rug, these pieces from New Zealand aren't woven or made of fabric; rather, they're crafted from fine Australian sheepskins that have been dyed, cut, and stitched together in eclectic and intriguing patterns that go above and beyond the usual style.

Made in Turkey Rugs

Simplicity is uncommon in Turkish rugs; instead, their rugs are alive with color and design and clearly boast Eastern and Western influences. The result is a breathtaking collection of classic and contemporary styles that covers the full range of sizes, materials, and construction methods.

Made in USA Rugs

Though the USA doesn't have the rich rug making history that some of the other countries has, its rugs are known for being well made, versatile, and varied. With no design traditions to work from, the USA ultimately developed its own all-inclusive style rich in individuality, quality and pride.

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